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Table 3 Domain enrichment in proteins under positive selection

From: Pangenome-wide and molecular evolution analyses of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa species

SMART/Pfam domain Description Fisher’s test
Chromate_transp Probably act as chromate transporters in bacteria 0.0000
Sulfatase Present in esterases hydrolysing steroids, carbohydrates and proteins 0.0020
PepSY_TM Conserved transmembrane helix found in bacterial protein families 0.0041
PrmA Present in the Ribosomal protein L11 methyltransferase 0.0123
Cons_hypoth95 Present in 16S RNA methyltransferase D 0.0166
MTS Present in the 16S RNA methyltransferase C 0.0182
DUF1329 Putative outer membrane lipoprotein 0.0215
DUF4102 Putative phage integrase 0.0235
CHASE Extracellular domain of bacterial transmembrane receptors 0.0284
G3P_acyltransf Enzymes converting glycerol-3-phosphate into lysophosphatidic acid 0.0284
AceK Bacterial isocitrate dehydrogenase kinase/phosphatase protein 0.0284
Choline_sulf_C C-terminus of enzyme producing choline from choline-O-sulfate 0.0284
DUF2165 Unknown function 0.0284
DUF2909 Unknown function 0.0284
DUF3079 Unknown function 0.0284
DUF444 Unknown function 0.0284
DUF533 Unknown function; integral membrane protein 0.0284
DUF791 Unknown function 0.0284
DUF972 Unknown function 0.0284
Glu_cys_ligase Enzyme carrying out the first step of glutathione biosynthesis 0.0284
Herpes_UL6 Present in proteins similar to herpes simplex UL6 virion protein 0.0284
His_kinase Membrane sensor, a two-component regulatory system 0.0284
Inhibitor_I42 Protease inhibitor 0.0284
PPDK_N Present in enzymes catalysing the conversion of pyrophosphate to PEP 0.0284
Sigma54_AID Activating interacting domain of the Sigma-54 factor 0.0284
Sigma54_CBD Core binding domains of the Sigma-54 factor 0.0284
Sigma54_DBD DNA binding domain of the Sigma-54 factor 0.0284
PAS, PAS 4/9 Present in signalling proteins working as signal sensors 0.0330
MFS Major Facilitator Superfamily of small molecule transporters 0.0359
Autoind_synth Autoinducer synthase involved in quorum-sensing response 0.0423
AzIC Putative protein involved in branched-chain amino acid transport 0.0423
Chitin_bind Present in carbohydrate-active enzymes (glycoside hydrolases) 0.0423
DUF3299 Unknown function 0.0423
PTS_EIIC / IIB Phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent phosphotransferase system 0.0423
TctC Member of the tripartite tricarboxylate receptors 0.0423
UPF0004 Domain found in tRNA methythiotransferases 0.0423
  1. The SMART and Pfam domains are presented in a non-redundant manner. Function description was recovered from annotations in SMART or Pfam databases. Fisher’s test values correspond to p-values (p ≤ 0.05), supporting the over-representation of the corresponding domain in the set of proteins under positive selection