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Fig. 3

From: cnvScan: a CNV screening and annotation tool to improve the clinical utility of computational CNV prediction from exome sequencing data

Fig. 3

Analysis of cnvScan filtration efficiency. a TP and FP count vs quality score used for filtration. ExCopyDepth score: default quality score of the CNV from ExCopyDepth. cnvScan score: CNVQ from in-house database (b) FP/TP ratio vs quality scores used for filtration (Comparison of cnvScan efficiency using ExCopyDepth predictions). FP/TP ratio: False positive CNV count/True positive CNV count. c Comparison of cnvScan efficiency of four CNV prediction programs. Scores used for filtration: default CNV quality score from prediction programs and CNVQ from in-house database. d Comparison of the cnvScan efficiency in reducing FDR of four prediction programs (FDR of prediction programs vs cnvScan scores). CoNIFER results were not filtered using cnvScan as CNVQ is not reported in the default state

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