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Table 2 Cluster analysis of prevalent protein families of Bacteroidales T6SS loci

From: Type VI secretion systems of human gut Bacteroidales segregate into three genetic architectures, two of which are contained on mobile genetic elements

  1. A sequence was randomly chosen (the “cluster representative”) from the members of the cluster and used to create a profile-HMM (see text). The representative profile-HMM was used as a query against databases of profile-HMMs (profile-profile comparison). Representative hits are shown. Boxed entries in the “hit accession” column indicate motifs that have previously been considered determinative for the type of T6SS protein [12, 26, 4851] many of these relationships are undetectable by standard sequence-profile analyses. Only proteins found in the mapped T6SS regions (see Figs. 1, 2, 3 and 4) are listed here. Gene names of the form 1_n_n indicate translations by Prodigal 2.2.6 [45] that did not match the depositor-supplied translations. The cell colors used are consistent with those used on the open reading frame maps