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Table 1 Neuropeptides, peptide hormones and receptors affected by diapause

From: Slowed aging during reproductive dormancy is reflected in genome-wide transcriptome changes in Drosophila melanogaster

Neuropeptide and/or GPCRa Expressionb CG number Log FC
Adipokinetic hormone (AKH) Corpora cardiaca CG1171 4.4
AKH receptor (AKHR) Fat body, spermatheca CG11325 1.4
Allatostatin A (Ast-A) CNS, midgut CG13633 1.9
Allatostatin B (Ast-B or MIPc) CNS CG6456 1.1
Allatostatin C (Ast-C) CNS, midgut CG14919 1.7
CAPA receptor (capaR) Renal tubules CG14575 1.3
CCHamide 2 Midgut, fat body CG14375 2.1
Corazonin (CRZ) CNS CG3302 1.3
CRZ receptor (CrzR) Fat body, heart CG10698 2.0
DH31 receptor 1 (DH31–R1) CNS, gut, renal tubules CG32843 2.3
Diuretic hormone 44 (DH44) CNS CG8348 3.4
DH44 receptor 2 (DH44–R2) CNS, gut, renal tubules CG12370 2.5
Insulin-like peptide 2 (DILP2) Brain CG8167 1.9
DILP5 Brain, ovary CG33273 3.2
DILP6 Fat body CG14049 1.2
DILP8 Ovary CG14059 −2.6
DLGR1d Hindgut, salivary gland CG7665 3.1
Dromyosuppressin (DMS) Brain, heart CG6440 1.5
Drosulfakinin (DSK) Brain CG18090 1.4
Ion transport peptide (ITP) CNS, PNS CG13586 1.2
ITG (Apis-ITG-like) CNS CG8216 3.0
Leucokinin (LK) CNS CG13480 2.1
LK receptor (LK-R) CNS, renal tubules CG10626 1.3
Neuropeptide F receptor (NPFR) CNS, renal tubules CG1147 2.4
NPLP1e CNS CG3441 2.4
NPLP3 Head, carcass CG13061 2.1
NPLP4 Fat body (larva), Eye CG15361 1.3
Orcokinin CNS, gut CG13565 1.6
Proctolin CNS CG7105 2.2
PTTHf CNS, Renal tubules? CG13687 1.1
Short neuropeptide F (sNPF) CNS CG13968 1.5
Tachykinin (DTK) CNS, midgut CG14734 2.5
Torsog Ovary CG1389 −3.3
  1. Notes: The transcripts are sorted alphabetically (significantly >2 fold up- or downregulated; LogFC >1)
  2. aAcronyms used are those for the proteins/peptides
  3. bBased on FlyAtlas and/or modENCODE [116, 117], as well as research papers (summarized in [115]). Expression data are for adult flies, except NPLP4, where expression is most prominent in larvae
  4. cMIP, myoinhibitory peptide
  5. dLeucine-rich repeat-containing G protein-coupled receptor 1. Ligand is the dimeric GPA2/GPB5 protein
  6. eNeuropeptide-like precursor 1
  7. fProthoracicotropic hormone
  8. gReceptor tyrosine kinase, can be activated by PTTH [132]