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Table 2 Hormonal and monoamine signaling components affected by diapause

From: Slowed aging during reproductive dormancy is reflected in genome-wide transcriptome changes in Drosophila melanogaster

Gene transcript Role (main enrichmenta) CG number Log FC
Monoamine signaling    
5-HT2A (serotonin receptor 2) Serotonin signaling (salivary gland, eye) CG1056 2.2
SerT (serotonin transporter) Serotonin signaling (CNS, eye) CG4545 1.4
Ddc (Dopa decarboxylase) +2.82 CG10697 Dopamine biosynthesis (CNS) CG10697 2.8
DAT (Dopamine transporter) +1.7 CG8380 + 1.35 CG3856 Dopamine storage (CNS) CG8380 1.7
DopR2 (Dopamine receptor 2) +1.15 CG18741 Dopamine signaling (CNS) CG18741 1.1
DopEcdR (Dopamine/Ecd receptor) +2.87 CG18314 Dopamine ecdysone signaling (CNS) CG18314 2.9
Dat (Dopamine N acetyltransferase) +1.35 CG3318 Dopamine inactivation (CNS, gut) CG3318 1.4
Tdc1 (Tyrosine decarboxylase 1) +1.56 CG30445 Octopamine/tyramine biosynt. (gut) CG30445 1.6
Oamb (octopamine receptor) Octopamine (OA) signaling (CNS) CG3856 1.4
Oct-TyrR (OA-Tyramine receptor) +1.84 CG7485 Octopamine/tyramine signal. (CNS) CG7485 1.8
Ecdysone signaling    
Spo (Spook) Cytochrome P450 Ecdysone (Ecd) biosynthesis (ovary) CG10594 −1.6
Eo (ecdysone oxidase) +2.44 CG9504 Ecd metabolism (renal tubules; RT) CG9504 2.4
Usp (ultraspiracle) Ecd receptor partner (ovary) CG4380 −1.3
Cyp18a1 Cytochrome P450b Ecd inducible (fat body, spermatheca) CG6816 1.6
Eip63F1 (Ecd induced protein 63 F1)c Ecd inducible protein (CNS, gut, RT) CG15855 2.0
Eip75B (Ecd induced protein 75B)b + 1.1 CG8127) Ecd inducible protein (ubiq.) CG8127 1.1
Eip74EF (Ecd induced prot. 74EF) +1.67 CG32180 Ecd inducible proteind (brain, crop) CG32180 1.7
Ftz-f1 (ftz transcription factor 1) Ecd and JHe inducible gene (ovary) CG4059 −1.9
ImpL3 (ecd inducible gene L3) Ecd inducible gene (midgut) CG10160 2.4
Br (Broad) DNA-binding, Ecd response (CNS) CG11491 −1.5
ecd (ecdysoneless) Ecd biosynthesis ? (CNS, ovary) CG5714 −1.1
Juvenile hormone signaling    
Jhamt (JH acid methyltransferase) JH biosynthesis (brain) CG17330 1.8
Jheh1 (JH epoxide hydrolase 1) JH catabolic process (fat body, gut) CG15101 1.3
Jeheh3 (JH epoxide hydrolase 3) JH catabolic process (gut) CG15106 1.2
Jhedup (JH esterase duplication) Carboxylesterase activity (head) CG8424 3.2
Jhi1 (JH-inducible protein 1) endoribonuclease activity (ubiq.) CG3298 −1.5
jhi26 (JH-inducible protein 26) Protein kinase-like (renal tubules) CG3767 2.9
  1. Notes: These transcripts are significantly affected more than two-fold (>LogFC 1)
  2. aAdult expression (according to FlyAtlas)
  3. bRead-out for increased ecdysone or 20-hydroxy ecdysone signaling during development [129, 130]
  4. cEF-Hand 1, calcium-binding site
  5. dmay be involved in autophagy
  6. eJH, juvenile hormone