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Table 3 Southern bluefin tuna gonadal cells transcriptome assembly details

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals differentially expressed genes associated with germ cell and gonad development in the Southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii)

Feature Value
Assembled contigs (n) 128,065
Longest contig (bp) 20,234
Mean contig (bp) 1973
Contig N50 (bp) 2094
Contig N90 (bp) 1160
Total contig length (bp) 2.53×108
Assembly GC content (%) 42.22
Reads passed QCa (n) 1.48×109
Reads failed QC (n) 7.13×107
Mapped reads (n) 1.34×109
Average mapping rate (%) 95.51
  1. aQuality control (QC) of the raw sequenced reads was determined by FastQC