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Table 5 Differentially expressed (DE) genes summary

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals differentially expressed genes associated with germ cell and gonad development in the Southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii)

Analysis subset Total DE genesa Annotated ORFsb Complete annotated ORFs
Ovary vs. testis cells 21,984 17,849 3868
Overexpressed in ovary cells 8706 7026 1587
Overexpressed in testis cells 13,278 10,823 2281
Crude vs. enriched testis cells 10,026 8220 1970
Overexpressed in crude testis cells 8637 7205 1732
Overexpressed in enriched testis cells 1389 1015 238
  1. aGenes represented as open reading frame coding regions (ORF-CDs) and were considered as significantly DE with a log2FC>2| and p-adjusted-value <1×10−3. bORFs were annotated by either the NCBI non-redundant (nr), Uniprot, KEGG or Pfam protein databases, with an e-value <1×10−3