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Table 3 Comparison between qRT-PCR and RNA-seq results for the 33 sexually dimorphic genes significantly detected using M2

From: Comprehensive identification of sexually dimorphic genes in diverse cattle tissues using RNA-seq

Gene_symbol qRT-PCR RNA-SEQ
ADM 2.7E-01 8.31E-03*
AMPD1 2.4E-01 4.14E-04*
APOD 5.0E-02* 1.62E-03*
ARHGEF19 2.3E-03* 3.50E-02*
CATSPER2 6.5E-03* 3.86E-03*
CGA 1.6E-01 3.27E-02*
COL27A1 1.5E-02* 2.40E-04*
CYP7A1 4.1E-01 7.40E-05*
DBP 3.4E-03* 1.12E-03*
DDX3Y 9.9E-22* 3.01E-50*
DOCK6 6.0E-02* 4.14E-04*
EPYC 1.3E-04* 1.35E-02*
FTCD 5.9E-05* 3.96E-02*
GABBR1 6.1E-01 2.76E-05*
GNAL 3.0E-01 5.57E-04*
HOXD4 5.1E-01 1.23E-02*
IGFBP1 6.7E-10* 2.49E-03*
MYH1 2.9E-02* 2.98E-02*
NRBP2 1.8E-02* 2.21E-04*
PPP1R3A 4.8E-01 2.42E-02*
RAB3C 2.2E-02* 1.46E-02*
RGS2 1.6E-03* 3.36E-02*
RGS7 5.2E-03* 4.18E-03*
RGS9 5.8E-01 4.14E-04*
SCN8A 7.3E-01 8.69E-04*
SCN9A 1.5E-02* 5.71E-03*
SLC17A3 4.4E-05* 4.09E-02*
SLC6A15 9.3E-02* 4.76E-02*
STXBP5L 2.9E-01 1.75E-02*
TMEM59L 9.5E-02* 2.71E-03*
TNNC1 1.0E + 00 1.81E-02*
UCP3 8.1E-02* 7.81E-03*
USP9Y 2.3E-20* 5.20E-70*
  1. (*) significant genes at P-value < 0.05 for ANOVA analysis in qRT-PCR and FDR adjusted P-value < 0.05 for ANODEV analysis in RNA-seq