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Table 1 Identification of molecular drivers of gene expression patterns in HRV-induced HBE cells

From: Interferon regulatory factor 7 regulates airway epithelial cell responses to human rhinovirus infection

Upstream regulator Predicted activation state Activation Z-score P-value of overlap
IFNG Activated 10.890 1.08E-90
IFNA2 Activated 8.106 9.79E-85
IRF7 Activated 8.284 1.76E-71
TNF Activated 9.828 3.92E-67
IFNL1 Activated 6.936 1.02E-62
IFNAR Activated 6.306 5.99E-55
STAT1 Activated 6.317 2.32E-54
IFNB1 Activated 5.436 3.64E-50
STAT3 Activated 4.185 9.25E-48
IRF1 Activated 5.780 6.24E-46
NFkB (complex) Activated 6.850 1.41E-39
TLR3 Activated 5.327 5.45E-39
IL1B Activated 6.926 1.29E-37
CD40LG Activated 4.739 8.56E-35
OSM Activated 5.463 1.99E-34
TLR4 Activated 5.165 3.64E-33
NKX2-3 Inhibited −7.703 1.50E-58
MAPK1 Inhibited −6.867 5.29E-58
TRIM24 Inhibited −6.002 1.67E-44
IL1RN Inhibited −6.336 2.84E-35