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Table 5 Cmap performance under “real world” conditions

From: Fish connectivity mapping: linking chemical stressors by their mechanisms of action-driven transcriptomic profiles

Signatures (NCBI GEO accession) 1st – 2nd match 3rd-4th match 5th-6th match 7th-8th match 9th-10th match
EFFHa_5Perc_MaleLiver_14d (GSE29350) self BIF_Larvae BIF_Larvae Wastewater_Liver FLU_50_Ovary
  EFFLa_M_Liver HutDS_Liver EFFHb_M_Liver HutUS_Liver PFCs_Mix_Liver
EFFHb_5Perc_MaleLiver_14d (GSE29350) self Wastewater_Liver FAD_Ovary TRI_Ovary RDX_Liver
  E2_M_Liver HutEFF_Ovary VIN_Ovary KET_Ovary RDX_fry
ElyDS_999_Liver_4d (GSE49098) self HutEFF_Liver RochUS_Liver RochDS_Liver PHE_Liver
  ElyEFF_Liver ElyUS_Liver HutUS_Liver HutDS_Liver E2_M_Liver
ElyEFF_999_Liver_4d (GSE49098) self ElyUS_Liver PHE_Liver RochDS_Liver RochUS_Liver
  ElyDS_Liver HutEFF_Liver HutUS_Liver PHE_Liver E2_M_Liver
ElyUS_999_Liver_4d (GSE49098) self ElyDS_Liver HutEFF_Liver HutUS_Liver BIF_Larvae
  ElyEFF_Liver PFCs_Liver EFFHa_M_Liver RochDS_Liver PFCs_Mix_Liver
HutchinsonDS_999_Liver_4d (GSE49098) self RochDS_Liver HutEFF_Liver ElyEFF_Liver PFCs_Mix_Liver
  RochUS_Liver ElyDS_Liver HutUS_Liver KET_Ovary KET_Ovary
HutchinsonEFF_999_Liver_4d (GSE49098) self ElyDS_Liver HutUS_Liver HutDS_Liver PHE_Liver
  ElyEFF_Liver ElyUS_Liver RochUS_Liver RochDS_Liver KET_Ovary
RochesterDS_999_Liver_4d (GSE49098) self HutUS_Liver HutDS_Liver ElyEFF_Liver RochEFF_Liver
  RochUS_Liver ElyDS_Liver ElyUS_Liver HutEFF_Liver BIF_Larvae
RochesterEFF_999_Liver_4d (GSE49098) HutUS_Liver self HutEFF_Liver BIF_Larvae PFCs_Mix_Liver
  ElyUS_Liver RochDS_Liver ElyDS_Liver RochUS_Liver PFCs_Liver
RochesterUS_999_Liver_4d (GSE49098) self RochDS_Liver HutEFF_Liver HutUS_Liver ElyUS_Liver
  ElyDS_Liver ElyEFF_Liver HutDS_Liver RochEFF_Liver PFCs_Mix_Liver
Wastewater_999_Liver_48h (GSE37550) self CYP_Larvae NA NA NA
  E2_M_Liver surfaceH2O_Testis NA NA NA
  1. Fathead minnow samples were exposed to various water conditions near several waste water treatment plants in the USA either by field deployment or in a laboratory setting. Only those exposures generating a significant number of DEGs thus having query signatures available are listed. The top ten matched ROGLs are listed to provide a broad list of candidate chemicals. Waste water treatment plant locations: Ely, Hutchinson (Hut), Rochester (Roch), Minnesota; San Diego (Ha), Los Angeles (Hb), California; Gainesville (GSE37550), Florida. Abbreviations: EFF, effluent; US, upstream; DS, downstream. P-value cutoff 1/132 = 0.0076. Self: a query signature and the connected ROGLs originated from the same experiment