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Table 4 Identification of genes of interest from TBI-I network analysis

From: Bilateral gene interaction hierarchy analysis of the cell death gene response emphasizes the significance of cell cycle genes following unilateral traumatic brain injury

Network ID GOI found Total # of GOI Overlap with previous analyses Net # of GOI Top molecular types
1 CALB1, CDCA7L, CMIP , DAB2, FLNA, GCLM, GFAP, NFE2L2, PDLIM7 9 1 8 undefined
2 ANXA1, ATF3, BAG3, CCNA2, CDK1 , CDKN1B, ETV5, FN1, LATS1, MCL1 , MCM2, MCM8, MMS22L, NAA15 , RAB35, SPIN1, TAGLN2, THOC2 , TJP2, UNC5B 20 4 16 undefined, enzymes, and kinases
3 BCL11A, CCND1 , CREB1, CREBBP, CSRNP1, DES, IKBKB , ITPR2, KLF6 , KPNB1, MITF, NFIX , PTGR1, RAI14, RRM2, SENP2, SMARCA4 , SUDS3, TBL1XR1 , TGM2, THRA 21 7 14 transcription regulators and enzymes
4 ALB, BTG2 , Ccl2, CCL3L3, CCL4, Ccl6, Ccl7, CD36, CEBPB, CREM, CX3CL1, CXCL3, Cxcl9, DUSP5, EGR2, FGF2, FGL2 , FOSL1, HMOX1, IL1B, IL6R, ITGB2, KLF4, NEK6, PDE4B , PTGS2, SPP1 , TLR4 28 4 24 cytokines, transcription regulators, and transmembrane receptors
5 ACSL5, CAMK2N1 , CHSY1, ELAVL1, MAP4K4 , MSI2, PTGER3, TCEB3, TMEM123, TRAF6, WFS1 11 2 9 undefined and kinases
6 ARL11, CAMK1G, CASP3 , CISD2 , CLN5, DNAJB6, DNAJB9 , FGR, HCK, HSPA1A/HSPA1B, HSPA2, HSPA9, HSPB8, MDM2, PCDH15, PI4K2A, PRDM2, SGPL1, SNCA, SRPK2 , TMEM109 21 4 17 undefined, kinases, and transcription regulators
  1. Italics= > gene of interest also found in a previous analysis; Bold= > GOI unique to this analysis