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Table 4 Alleles for each of the parental haplotypes (T1, T2, C1 and C2) of ‘TSH 1188’ and ‘CCN 51’ for each QTL and representative SNP marker associated with WBD

From: Identification of candidate genes involved in Witches’ broom disease resistance in a segregating mapping population of Theobroma cacao L. in Brazil

QTL SNP marker TSH 1188 CCN 51
Allele T1 Allele T2 Allele C1 Allele C2
QTL3.1 Tcm003s33466269 G G G T
QTL4.1 Tcm004s00110232 T C C C
QTL6.1 Tcm006s19715703 T T T C
QTL6.2 Tcm006s25375496 G T G G
QTL7.1 Tcm007s10302466 G G A G
QTL9.1 Tcm009s08066239 A G A A
QTL9.2 Tcm009s02031341 A G A A
  1. The alleles marked in bold are segregating in MP01 and are also the favorable alleles associated with WBD resistance