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Fig 1

From: Molecular alterations induced by a high-fat high-fiber diet in porcine adipose tissues: variations according to the anatomical fat location

Fig 1

Number of differentially-expressed probes and corresponding unique genes in adipose tissues as affected by diet and line. Microarray data obtained in subcutaneous (SCAT) or in perirenal (PRAT) adipose tissues were separately analyzed for the main effects of diet (HF: high-fat high-fiber vs. LF: low-fat high-starch), line (low RFI: residual feed intake below the average; high RFI: residual feed intake above the average), and the interaction between diet and line. Molecular probes were declared as differentially-expressed between diets or between lines according to cutoffs for fold-change between conditions > |1.1| and p < 0.01 (Benjamin-Hochberg adjusted p-value < 0.08). Venn diagrams illustrate the number of differentially-expressed probes in each experimental group for SCAT and for PRAT. The corresponding number of differentially-expressed unique genes is indicated into brackets

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