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Table 3 Co-expressed gene networks in adipose tissues in response to diet

From: Molecular alterations induced by a high-fat high-fiber diet in porcine adipose tissues: variations according to the anatomical fat location

Inter-dependent modules Number of DEP in each module
Turquoisea 6,720 5,302 1,418
Blue 2,738 1,416 1,322
Brown 1,238 79 1,159
Yellow 973 931 42
  1. aFive co-expressed gene network modules were deduced from the dataset of differentially-expressed probes (DEP) in response to diet (high-fat high-fiber vs. low-fat high starch) and obtained in perirenal (PRAT) and subcutaneous (SCAT) adipose tissues. The total number of DEP included within each module and the number of DEP from each tissue in the module were indicated