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Table 4 Biological meaning of co-expressed genes in perirenal adipose tissue of pigs

From: Molecular alterations induced by a high-fat high-fiber diet in porcine adipose tissues: variations according to the anatomical fat location

Biological Process Nb of genes E score p-value HF vs. LF diet
GO:0006952 ~ defense response 21 6.96 <0.001
(GO:0006954 ~ inflammatory response) (15)   
(GO:0045087 ~ innate immune response) (10)   
GO:0016044 ~ membrane organization 11 3.92 <0.001
(GO:0006897 ~ endocytosis) (10)   
GO:0045087 ~ innate immune response 10 3.27 <0.001
(GO:0006956 ~ complement activation) (5)   
hsa04650:Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity 9 2.54 <0.001
(hsa04664:Fc epsilon RI signaling pathway) (6)
GO:0006468 ~ protein amino acid phosphorylation 11 2.34 0.004
(GO:0007243 ~ protein kinase cascade)
  1. aUnique annotated genes being highly correlated (correlations > |0.70|) to the eigengene of the yellow small module (Table 3) were inferred for their gene ontology (GO) terms for biological processes. Functional clusters having enrichment (E) score > 2 and modified Fisher exact p-value less than 0.01 were indicated. All genes were up-regulated (↑) in perirenal adipose tissue when pigs were fed a high-fat high-fiber (HF) diet compared with a low-fat high-starch (LF) diet