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Table 6 Number of transcripts declared differentially expressed (DE) using DESeq2

From: Inferential considerations for low-count RNA-seq transcripts: a case study on the dominant prairie grass Andropogon gerardii

  All transcripts High-count transcripts Low-count transcripts
  Total SB-only BB-only Total Total SB-only BB-only
No filter 2290 112 69 38 1325 112 69
RP filtering 2297 111 69 38 1327 111 69
CPM filtering 952 0 0 30 204 0 0
  1. The table contains the number of total transcripts, high-count transcripts and low-count transcripts declared DE using DESeq2 analyses on the complete dataset (i.e. no data filtering applied) or following data filtering based on reads-present (RP) criterion or counts per million (CPM) criterion. Also listed are transcripts with expression levels present in sand bluestem and absent in big bluestem (SB-only transcripts) and transcripts with expression levels present in big bluestem and absent in sand bluestem (BB-only transcripts)