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Table 5 Composition of the significantly associated SNP sets identified in the SKAT combined analysis

From: GWASeq: targeted re-sequencing follow up to GWAS

GWAS SNP Gene Feature Position rs ID number MAF: Cases (Controls) PLINK p-value p-value for SNP set
rs7136702 ATF1 5′ UTR 12:51,157,849 Novel 4.92e–003(7.96e–003) 0.8771 Uncorrected 8.08e–005 (7.59e–005)
  ATF1 5′ UTR 12:51,157,852 Novel 1.04e–003(0) NA FDR corrected 0.0055 (0.0052)
  ATF1 5′ UTR 12:51,157,863 rs61926301 0.5.(0.61) 1.00
  ATF1 5′ UTR 12:51,157,886 Novel 2.55e–004(0) NA
  ATF1 5′ UTR 12:51,157,960 Novel 2.59e–004(0) NA
  ATF1 5′ UTR 12:51,157,996 Novel 2.62e–004(0)  
  ATF1 5′ UTR 12:51,158,010 Novel 2.61e–004(0) NA
  ATF1 5′ UTR 12:51,158,027 Novel 0(5.97e–004) NA
  ATF1 5′ UTR 12:51,158,045 Novel 7.82e–004(0) NA
  ATF1 5′ UTR 12:51,158,047 Novel 2.61e–004(0) NA
  1. This analysis was performed on each targeted sequencing region separately and including the focal GWAS SNP as a covariates