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Fig. 2

From: Multi-omics analysis reveals regulators of the response to nitrogen limitation in Yarrowia lipolytica

Fig. 2

Response of the lipid and nitrogen metabolic networks to nitrogen limitation. Proteome, metabolome and phosphoproteome of Y. lipolytica grown in low (C/N = 150) versus high (C/N = 10) nitrogen conditions after nine hours. Nodes represent metabolites and edges represent genes. Colors of metabolites indicate log2 fold-change. Colors of gene names indicate significantly up and down regulated proteins identified by global proteomics; up-regulated indicates higher expression in the low (C/N = 150) nitrogen condition. Underlines indicate proteins with an identified phosphorylation site. Colored arrows indicate significant changes in phosphorylation level of a protein; up indicating more phosphorylation in the low (C/N = 150) nitrogen condition. Black text indicates metabolites and genes from which proteins were not identified. Metabolic pathways and gene names are based on homology to S. cerevisiae and N. crassa

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