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Fig. 3

From: A novel comparative pattern analysis approach identifies chronic alcohol mediated dysregulation of transcriptomic dynamics during liver regeneration

Fig. 3

Ethanol-adapted liver shows distinct transcriptomic response to PHx. a Principal Component Analysis revealed sample separation across the first two components that captured most variability in the data. The sample grouped largely based on time points following PHx, with the Ethanol group separated from the control groups to a lesser degree. The 6 h PHx samples group separately from the 24 h samples indicating significant differences in gene expression over time. b A minimum spanning tree demonstrating the distinct clustering of the Ethanol group relative to the Carbohydrate and High Fat groups. The 1 h and 24 Ethanol group samples were located closer to the 0 h samples, relative to the Control groups at these time points, indicating deficiencies in mounting a response to PHx in the Ethanol group. The 6 h Ethanol group samples were furthest relative to the control groups indicating a potential larger scale of transcriptomic response at this time in the Ethanol group

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