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Table 4 Locations of BLAST hits on the Bactrian genome scaffolds KN276514.1 and KN277189.1 (Accession number JARL00000000.1)

From: The major histocompatibility complex in Old World camelids and low polymorphism of its class II genes

Gene (cattle) Scaffold Start End ID Boundaries
DQB exon 2 KN276514.1 4092056 4091824 S43263.1|53-319 MHC class II
butyrophilin-like protein 1-like 4159484 4168470 LOC504295 MHC class II scaffold
butyrophilin subfamily 1 member A1 KN277189.1 226 1044 LOC615223 MHC class I & III scaffold
NOTCH4 17978 41342 536128 MHC class III
BAT1 513067 522625 540191 MHC class III
BoLA, MHC class I A 1067171 1157210 533050 MHC class I