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Table 6 Location of MHC Class II genes in the dromedary reference genome (Accession GCA_000803125.1) and the number of SNPs identified from Sanger (SSANGER) and next-generation (SNGS) sequencing

From: The major histocompatibility complex in Old World camelids and low polymorphism of its class II genes

Gene Scaffold Start End Match % SSANGER SNGS
DRA Exon 2 8666762_scaffold 116899 117141 100 2 2
DRB Exon 2 8670257_scaffold 1687a 1418a 99.6 4 N/A
8666762_scaffold 128830a 128561a 99.6 N/A
DQA Exon 2 8670390_scaffold 8345 8593 96.4 0 0
8669331_scaffold 27189a 26941a 82.3 0
DQB Exon 2b No significant matches detected 10 N/A
  1. areverse (3’ – 5’) orientation. bDQB is annotated on the same scaffold as the highest scoring DQA match (8670390_scaffold) but no significant BLAST matches to exon 2 were detected