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Table 2 Summary of the de novo transcriptome shotgun assembly from all Illumina sequences

From: Comparative transcriptome analysis of Gastrodia elata (Orchidaceae) in response to fungus symbiosis to identify gastrodin biosynthesis-related genes

Assembled transcripts  
 Total number of transcripts 161,517
 Total bases of transcripts 137,618,051 nt
 Longest transcript 19,660 nt
 Average transcript length 852 nt
 Median transcript length 420 nt
 N50 transcript length 1592 nt
 Read mapping rate of sample Armillaria mellea 88.21 %
 Read mapping rate of sample juvenile tubera 88.73 %
 Read mapping rate of sample vegetative propagation corm 86.75 %
Assembled unigenes  
 Total number of transcripts 134,441
 Total bases of unigenes 92,177,843 nt
 Longest unigene 19,660 nt
 Average unigene length 686 nt
 Median unigene length 358 nt
 N50 unigene length 1184 nt
Predicted peptides  
 Total number of peptides 50,084
 Total amino acids of peptides 14,597,170 aa
 Longest peptide 5370 aa
 Average unigene length 291 aa
 Median peptide length 199 aa
  1. Abbreviations: aa amino acids, nt nucleotides
  2. aThe tubers of Gastrodia elata have established symbiotic associations with Armillaria mellea