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Table 2 Mutation in defense related genes in indica rice varieties

From: Indica rice genome assembly, annotation and mining of blast disease resistance genes

Domain Name Domain ID No. of genes mutated
Blast resistant varieties
(Tetep and Tadukan)
Blast susceptible varieties
(HR-12 and Co-39)
SNPs InDels SNPs InDels
NB-ARC PF00931 15 25 6 10
LRR PF00560, PF08263, PF12799 3 17 2 15
Protein Kinase PF00069, PF07714, PF13947, PF03727, PF00406, PF00781, PF00485 31 62 17 50
TOTAL   49 104 25 75
  1. NB-ARC Nucleotide-binding adaptor shared by APAF-1, R proteins, and CED-4
  2. LRR Leucine Rich Repeats