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Table 1 STAT1 targets with validated binding sites out of the 21 inferred putative targets

From: Reconstruction of gene regulatory modules from RNA silencing of IFN-α modulators: experimental set-up and inference method

Transcription Factor Target Source
STAT1 IDO1 TRANSFAC release 2013.3
STAT1 PSMB9 TRANSFAC release 2013.3
STAT1 IFIH1 Przanowski et al. [22]
STAT1 IRF1 TRANSFAC release 2013.3
IRF1 CXCL10 TRANSFAC release 2013.3
IRF1 IFITM1 TRANSFAC release 2013.3
  1. Columns indicate the transcription factor, its validated target and the source from which the validation is extracted, respectively. Direct targets of STAT1 are reported in the first three rows, whereas indirect targets, mediated by IRF1, are shown in the last two rows