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Table 1 Summary of E.gracilis RNA-Seq data

From: De novo assembly and comparative transcriptome analysis of Euglena gracilis in response to anaerobic conditions

Read data (bps) 9.03G
Total transcripts (seq) 113,295
FPKM1 out of total transcripts (seq) 49,754
Components (seq) 49,826
FPKM1 out of components (seq) 26,479
Median (nucl) 845
Contig N50 (nucl) 1604
Max length (nucl) 21,550
GC contents (%) 63.17
Components with SL-sequencea 14,186/26,479 (53.6 %)
  1. aCounted sequences from the representing potentially expressed components (26,479 seq) with conserved 12 nucleotides (TATTTTTTTTCG)