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Table 1 Summary of the number of genes with significantly different expression (FDR ≤0.05, Log2 fold change >2) between different fungal stage comparisons

From: A Colletotrichum graminicola mutant deficient in the establishment of biotrophy reveals early transcriptional events in the maize anthracnose disease interaction

Comparison Differentially expressed Higher expression* Lower expression*
WTAP vs. WTBT 760 293 (WTAP_WTBT_up) 467 (WTAP_WTBT_dn)
WTAP vs. WTNT 1935 728 (WTAP_WTNT_up) 1207 (WTAP_WTNT_dn)
WTBT vs. WTNT 992 312 (WTBT_WTNT_up) 680 (WTBT_WTNT_dn)
MTAP vs. MTBT 20 0 (MTAP_MTBT_up) 20 (MTAP_MTBT_dn)
WTAP vs. MTAP 218 74 (WTAP_MTAP_up) 144 (WTAP_MTAP_dn)
WTBT vs. MTBT 714 192 (WTBT_MTBT_up) 522 (WTBT_MTBT_dn)
  1. * Higher and lower expression refers in each case to the first term in the comparison relative to the second