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Table 2 Genes that are differentially expressed specifically during the WT biotrophic phase of development

From: A Colletotrichum graminicola mutant deficient in the establishment of biotrophy reveals early transcriptional events in the maize anthracnose disease interaction

Gene ID log2 fold-change* Pfam Description PHI database hit
GLRG_00351 −2.30/2.63 PF00135 Carboxylesterase family LIP1 Botrytis cinerea
GLRG_00814 −2.61/2.53 PF12296 Hydrophobic surface binding protein A  
GLRG_01112 −5.06/4.32 PF00132 Bacterial transferase hexapeptide (six repeats) (probable transcription factor) GzZC087 Gibberella zeae
GLRG_01787 −5.40/4.80 PF06609 Fungal trichothecene efflux pump (TRI12) TRI12 Fusarium sporotrichoides (toxin associated)
GLRG_01790 −2.80/2.93 PF00501 AMP-binding enzyme AKT1 Alternaria alternate (toxin associated)
GLRG_01888 3.49/-3.44 PF02492 CobW/HypB/UreG, nucleotide binding domain  
GLRG_01911 −2.04/2.87 PF04082 Fungal specific transcription factor domain GzZC297 Gibberella zeae
GLRG_02025 2.34/-2.01 PF06985 Heterokaryon incompatibility protein (HET)  
GLRG_02289 −3.11/5.00 PF00246 Zinc carboxypeptidase  
GLRG_02897 −3.55/2.04 PF00067 Cytochrome P450 Related to O-methylsterigmatocystin oxidoreductase Gibberella zeae (toxin associated)
GLRG_03377 −2.96/4.18   Predicted nuclear conserved hypothetical protein  
GLRG_03389 2.13/-2.97 PF13434 L-lysine-6-monooxygenase (NADPH-requiring)  
GLRG_03699 −4.21/3.03   Predicted cytosolic conserved hypothetical protein  
GLRG_04803 −3.73/3.47 PF07690 Major Facilitator Superfamily GzCCHC002 Gibberella zeae
GLRG_06419 −4.45/3.42 PF01557 Fumarylacetoacetate (FAA) hydrolase family  
GLRG_07902 −5.60/5.70 PF12697 Alpha/beta hydrolase family  
GLRG_08904 7.13/-2.34 PF05730 CFEM domain PTH11 Magnaporthe oryzae
GLRG_09112 −4.76/7.81 PF00004 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)  
GLRG_09541 2.77/-2.52 PF07690 Major Facilitator Superfamily MGG_10702 Magnaporthe oryzae
GLRG_09602 −3.40/9.29   Small secreted protein putative effector, similar to MGG_02647  
GLRG_09749 −2.51/5.04 PF13738 Pyridine nucleotide disulphide oxidoreductase DEP4 Alternaria brassicicola (toxin associated)
GLRG_10073 −3.14/4.44 PF01822 Secreted WSC domain protein  
GLRG_10235 −3.24/3.21 PF01177 Asp/Glu/Hydantoin racemase  
GLRG_10715 −5.44/5.55 PF00753 Metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily  
GLRG_10836 −4.65/5.48 PF00916 Sulfate transporter family  
GLRG_11179 −5.25/5.71   Predicted mitochondrial protein, unique to C. graminicola  
GLRG_11184 −4.87/4.83 PF00106 Short chain dehydrogenase MFP1 Magnaporthe oryzae
GLRG_11827 −2.68/3.08   Predicted nuclear protein, unique to C. graminicola  
  1. *First number is log2 fold-change from AP to BT, second is from BT to NT
  2. Genes that are more highly expressed specifically during biotrophy are highlighted in bold, while the rest are reduced in expression specifically during biotrophy