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Table 2 GO analysis for the commonly up regulated transcripts

From: De novo analysis of transcriptome reveals genes associated with leaf abscission in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.)

Gene Ontology GO_item Transcript_number P-value Q-value
Cellular component intracellular part 9 2.43E-02 4.38E-01
Molecular function transition metal ion binding 35 1.02E-05 8.43E-04
  iron ion binding 9 1.41E-05 1.17E-03
  amine transmembrane transporter activity 1 1.08E-04 8.96E-03
  nucleic acid binding transcription factor activity 6 6.72E-04 5.58E-02
Biological process cellular homeostasis 3 5.30E-13 4.19E-11
  organic substance transport 5 1.05E-09 8.32E-08
  establishment of localization 2 3.04E-07 2.40E-05
  response to stress 38 1.08E-06 8.50E-05
  amino acid transport 1 7.57E-06 5.98E-04
  DNA metabolic process 5 1.21E-05 9.53E-04
  translation 2 1.16E-04 9.14E-03
  purine nucleoside monophosphate biosynthetic process 1 3.29E-04 2.60E-02
  cell morphogenesis 1 3.62E-04 2.86E-02
  cellular protein modification process 15 7.43E-04 5.87E-02
  transport 3 1.00E-03 7.91E-02
  proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process 2 1.59E-03 1.26E-01
  cell wall biogenesis 2 1.94E-03 1.54E-01
  vitamin K biosynthetic process 1 4.69E-03 3.71E-01
  primary metabolic process 4 5.85E-03 4.62E-01
  one-carbon metabolic process 7 6.35E-03 5.02E-01
  branched-chain amino acid metabolic process 2 6.99E-03 5.52E-01
  response to metal ion 4 7.13E-03 5.63E-01
  polysaccharide metabolic process 1 7.30E-03 5.76E-01
  glucose catabolic process 3 1.08E-02 8.55E-01