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Table 1 Number and position of GGNVS element in the promoter region of eight C4-3 soybean MATE genesa

From: Genome-wide analysis of MATE transporters and expression patterns of a subgroup of MATE genes in response to aluminum toxicity in soybean

Genes No. of GGNVS Position of GGNVSb
GmMATE13 7 -639,-943,-944,-1149,-1150,-1398,-1451
GmMATE47 12 -232,-541,-548,-670,-769,-834,-1026,-1043,-1044,-1183,-1417,-1457
GmMATE58 5 -42,-122,-133,-1447,-1481
GmMATE74 7 -85,-287,-768,-1210,-1354,-1386,-1390
GmMATE75 12 -383,-609,-611,-612,-616,-884,-885,-1002,-1003,-1015,-1351,-1449
GmMATE79 15 -139,-143,-144,-260,-489,-513,-560,-590,-637,-724,-725,-990,-1139,-1283,-1446
GmMATE84 9 -271,-772,-893,-1150,-1177,-1287,-1443,-1444,-1445,
GmMATE87 11 -141,-376,-515,-516,-636,-671,-813,-1010,-1162,-1235,-1491
  1. aGGNVS is the abbreviation for GGN(T/g/a/C)V(C/A/g)S(C/G), a cis-acting element (target DNA-binding sequence) of ART1 (Al Resistance Transcription Factor 1)
  2. bThe position is relative to the start codon of each gene