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Table 1 Genes exclusively modulated on keratin substrates

From: Transcription profile of Trichophyton rubrum conidia grown on keratin reveals the induction of an adhesin-like protein gene with a tandem repeat pattern

Gene ID Tentative annotation Expression change (n.fold)a
Metabolic process   
TERG_00499 Hypothetical protein −4.88
TERG_02958 Assimilatory sulfite reductase −6.51
TERG_03258 Alkaline phosphatase −5.57
TERG_03339 Alternative oxidase −4.69
TERG_03705 Cytochrome p450 −11.11
TERG_03706 Cytochrome p450 −5.68
TERG_05504 Thiol-specific antioxidant −4.40
TERG_05628 GPI ethanolamine phosphate transferase 1 −5.17
TERG_06614 Formate dehydrogenase −4.67
TERG_07017 NADP-dependent leukotriene b4 12-hydroxydehydrogenase +4.47
TERG_07477 Copper-sulfate regulated protein 1 −4.17
TERG_07236 Hypothetical protein −4.20
TERG_08353 Cytochrome p450 −8.40
TERG_07796 Short-chain dehydrogenase reductase family −4.15
TERG_08140 2-Heptaprenyl- -naphthoquinone −6.92
TERG_07777 O-acetylhomoserine –lyase −4.58
TERG_12680 Alpha-mannosidase −5.26
Regulation of biological process   
TERG_00222 CP2 transcription +5.17
TERG_01360 C6 transcription factor +4.79
TERG_08771 Adhesin like protein +4.17
TERG_11518 Glucokinase −4.25
TERG_07957 AP-1-like transcription factor −6.07
TERG_08139 NAD dependent epimerase dehydratase family protein −5.21
TERG_01994 OPT family oligopeptide transporter −6.25
TERG_02616 Integral membrane protein −6.15
TERG_03174 Siderochrome-iron transporter sit1 −5.95
TERG_03250 Monocarboxylate permease-like protein −4.35
TERG_03928 Zinc-regulated transporter 1 −4.45
TERG_05199 MFS gliotoxin efflux transporter −6.08
Protease activity   
TERG_02199 Glutamate carboxypeptidase −4.70
TERG_02990 Subtilisin-like protease 6 +12.45
TERG_03248 Extracellular metalloproteinase 3 +5.81
TERG_03400 Subtilisin-like protease 1 +13.73
TERG_03815 Subtilisin-like protease 3 +9.66
TERG_05652 Leucine aminopeptidase 1 +6.62
TERG_08405 Leucine aminopeptidase 2 +10.74
Fatty acid and lipid metabolism   
TERG_01901 Glycerol kinase −6.79
TERG_02984 Cytochrome p450 51 −5.13
TERG_05518 Short chain dehydrogenase −5.35
TERG_11671 Phosphatidylserine synthase −4.76
Cell wall   
TERG_04234 Hypothetical protein −4.97
TERG_08178 Endoglucanase +4.16
Signal transduction pathway   
TERG_04867 Sam and pH domain-containing protein −5.17
TERG_05744 GTP-binding protein −4.41
Drug response   
TERG_04952 Multidrug resistance protein +4.78
Response to stress   
TERG_07058 HSP70 family +4.47
  1. a Only genes with a fold change of four or higher are indicated. + induction; − repression