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Table 2 Genes exclusively modulated on elastin substrates

From: Transcription profile of Trichophyton rubrum conidia grown on keratin reveals the induction of an adhesin-like protein gene with a tandem repeat pattern

Gene Id Tentative annotation Expression change (n.fold)a
Metabolic process   
TERG_00058 Oxidoreductase −4.18
TERG_00563 GNAT family n-acetyltransferase −5.67
TERG_00831 Gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase −4.22
TERG_00852 Phytanoyl- dioxygenase −4.57
TERG_01164 Beta-alanine synthase −4.82
TERG_02340 Polysaccharide deacetylase −4.85
TERG_02839 Nacht and ankyrin domain protein −5.83
TERG_02842 6-Hydroxy-d-nicotine oxidase −4.43
TERG_03695 Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase +4.38
TERG_04310 Alcohol dehydrogenase −4.62
TERG_04543 Classes i and ii family protein −4.08
TERG_05299 Glutathione s- −4.99
TERG_06147 Rhodocoxin reductase −4.00
TERG_06160 Nitrite copper-containing −4.69
TERG_06741 Ubiquitin c-terminal hydrolase −4.54
TERG_07943 Hypothetical protein −4.33
TERG_00830 Cytochrome p450 −4.05
TERG_01578 NB-ARC and ankyrin domain protein −4.03
TERG_07083 Hypothetical protein −4.04
Regulation of biological process   
TERG_00487 Hypothetical protein −8.50
TERG_01003 37 s ribosomal protein rsm22 −4.90
TERG_01198 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor rse1 −5.29
TERG_02418 Translation initiation factor sui1 −31.53
TERG_05380 Protein kinase regulator ste50 −8.12
TERG_05655 An1 zinc finger protein −4.46
TERG_05963 WD repeat protein +4.40
TERG_06059 Helicase swr1 −7.58
TERG_06159 Hypothetical protein −4.72
TERG_06729 Taz1-interacting factor 1 −4.49
TERG_06822 Polarized growth protein +13.44
TERG_06891 C6 transcription factor −5.52
TERG_08611 E3 Ubiquitin ligase complex scf subunit sconc −4.33
TERG_01336 MFS transporter −4.33
TERG_01353 V-type c subunit family protein −9.94
TERG_02333 Acetyl-coenzyme A transporter 1 +4.23
TERG_02545 MFS monocarboxylate transporter −4.89
TERG_02654 MFS amine transporter −4.70
TERG_03907 Amino acid transporter +5.60
TERG_04093 K+ homeostasis protein kha1 −4.21
TERG_12078 FMN-binding split barrel-like protein −4.31
TERG_12574 Tmem1 family −6.62
Protease activity   
TERG_02988 Asparaginase −4.30
Fatty acid and lipid metabolism   
TERG_01347 Phosphatidyl synthase +5.40
TERG_12530 3-Ketoacyl- thiolase +4.07
Cell wall   
TERG_03843 Chitin synthase b +4.25
Signal transduction pathway   
TERG_12191 Ras guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor +4.33
TERG_07570 G-protein signaling- receptor signaling pathway −4.11
Drug response   
TERG_01820 MFS drug transporter −4.61
TERG_05575 MFS multidrug transporter −4.01
Response to stress   
TERG_02795 Thiazole biosynthetic mitochondrial −7.22
  1. a Only genes with a fold change of four or higher are indicated. + induction; −repression