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Table 1 Predicted cis-acting elements of JcMYB2 promoter

From: Genome-wide identification of the Jatropha curcas MYB family and functional analysis of the abiotic stress responsive gene JcMYB2

Cis-elements Function of cis-elements Number
ACGT ABA responses and stress tolerance 11
CANNTG Low temperature stress tolerance 10
TTGAC JA induced plant disease resistance 11
TGTCA SA induced pantheon resistance 4
AAAAG Light response elements 10
ACCWWCC MYB binding site 10
YACT P starvation response 5
CATATG Auxin responsive 3
GGTTAA Meristem development 6
TGHAAARK Endosperm development 4
GTGA Late pollen development 2