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Fig. 4

From: Regulatory modules controlling early shade avoidance response in maize seedlings

Fig. 4

Transcription factor modules in SAR and FRc-mediated de-etiolation. a Two densely connected transcription factor groups (Module I and II) each containing 13 TFs were identified in the co-expression TF network using the Markov cluster algorithm (MCL).b A close-up view of the two modules. Genes with functionally characterized Arabidopsis orthologs were labeled with the names of their Arabidopsis counterparts for clarity except ZmbHLH116. c Gene expression heatmaps of Module I in SAR and Module II in de-etiolation. d Module I and II in the context of a co-expression network containing all the 988 DTGs. TFs were shown in orange. e Enriched GO terms of first neighbors of Module I

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