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Table 1 Whole genome assembly features of S. oryzae

From: De novo genome assembly and annotation of rice sheath rot fungus Sarocladium oryzae reveals genes involved in Helvolic acid and Cerulenin biosynthesis pathways

A. Assembly parameters Value
 Total genome size (bp) 32,778,109
 Number of contigs 5856
 Maximum contig length (bp) 89796
 Minimum contig length (bp) 209
 Average contig length (bp) 5597
 Total number of non-ATGC characters 0
 Depth of genome coverage (x) 82
 N50 value (bp) 18070
 GC (%) 53.49
B. Protein annotation  
 Total number of proteins/genes predicted 10526
 Total number of annotated proteins/genes 9658
 Total number of un-annotated proteins/genes 868