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Table 2 Details of coding genes, exon and intron in genome of S. oryzae

From: De novo genome assembly and annotation of rice sheath rot fungus Sarocladium oryzae reveals genes involved in Helvolic acid and Cerulenin biosynthesis pathways

Gene details Value
 Number of coding genes 10526
 Average gene length (bp) 1689.11
 Gene density (number of genes per Mb) 294
 Average distance between genes (Kb) 1.08
 GC content (%) in coding region 56.61
 Mean protein length (amino acids) 506.25
Exon details  
 Number of exon 29293
 Total exon length (Mb) 15.97
 Average exon length (bp) 545.74
 Number of exons per gene 2.78
Intron details  
 Number of intron 18769
 Total intron length (Mb) 1.76
 Average intron length (bp) 93.85