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Fig. 6

From: Genome-wide transcription start site mapping of Bradyrhizobium japonicum grown free-living or in symbiosis – a rich resource to identify new transcripts, proteins and to study gene regulation

Fig. 6

TSS score distribution in Free. Red, all TSSs mapped in Free; blue, TSSs (gTSS_ORF) of novel proteins (novel ORF or novel start site) mapped in Free; black crosses, literature TSSs; violet crosses, TSSs validated in this work; orange crosses, TSSs with failed validation; vertical dashed line at 0.4, score cut-off. a Histogram of score distribution. b Density plot of score distribution. The density plot allows us to compare score distributions of TSSs of novel proteins to the score distribution of all TSSs, despite considerable difference in number of respective TSSs. A negative score means that the TSS was not scored in one of the conditions (see also Additional file 3: Table S3)

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