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Table 1 Significantly activated IPA BioFunctions identified for DEG in hypothalamus of CON vs LUN 21-day old female progeny (F1)

From: Lactation undernutrition leads to multigenerational molecular programming of hypothalamic gene networks controlling reproduction

Categories Functions annotation p-value Predicted activation state Activation z-scorea Bias-corrected z-score Molecules*
Lipid metabolism, small molecule biochemistry synthesis of lipid 0.00414 Increased 2.064 2.121 ACSL3, AGTR1, AVP, CCL2, CES1, CRHR2, DPP4, ESR1, FAS, FCGR1A, HSD3B1, KISS1, MARC2, MGST2, NR1H3, OXT, PIK3R1, POMC, PRKCD, PROX1, PTK2B, RGS3, TCF7L2, TRH
Connective tissue development and function, tissue morphology mass of adipose tissue 0.00097 Decreased −2.871 −2.857 CARTPT, CDKN1A, DLK1, E2F1, ESR1, FOXP2, HRH3, NR1H3, POMC, SHOX2
quantity of connective tissue 0.00083 Decreased −2.179 −2.161 ADAMTS1, Ahsp, CALCB, CARTPT, CCL2, CDKN1A, CES1, CHRNA7, CIDEB, CRHR2, E2F1, ESR1, HBA1/HBA2, Hbb-b1, HRH3, KLK3, NR1H3, PIK3R1, POMC, PRKG1, SLC14A1, SLC4A1, UHRF1
Cell cycle cell cycle progression 0.00057 Decreased −2.319 −2.289 ADARB1, AVP, CALCB, CAMK2A, CCK, CDKN1A, DPP4, E2F1, ESR1, FAS, HSPA1A/HSPA1B, ING3, LEF1, MCM2, MYOCD, NKX3-1, NUPR1, NUSAP1, PGAM2, PIK3R1, PRKCD, PRKCG, PRKCH, PRKG1, PROX1, PTK2B, PTPRN2, RASSF3, RBM3, TCF7L2, TF, USP1, USP2, VAV3, ZIC1
Cell-to-cell signaling and interaction synaptic depression 0.00017 Decreased −2.200 −2.171 ADCY1, CAMK2A, CPEB3, DLG4, GRID2IP, MAP1B, PRKCG, PTK2B, SV2B
  1. aThreshold for activation z- score for decreased BioFunctions was maintained at ≤ −2.179
  2. *Genes up- (bold) and down-regulated in hypothalami of control (CON) vs. LUN 21-day old F1 females