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Table 3 Mortality of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus Ka4, alone or in association with Serratia sp. LCN16 WT and mutants (Serratia sp. LCN16 oxyR::int(614) and Serratia sp. kat::int(808)), in H2O2 conditions (0 and 50 mM). Statistical differences between treatment Ka4 and the other treatments (Ka4_LCN16 WT; Ka4_LCN16 oxyR::int(614); and Ka4_LCN16 kat::int(808)) were calculated using Students T-test (EXCEL version 15.14). Asterisk (**) denotes statistical differences at 99 % confidence level

From: The genome and genetics of a high oxidative stress tolerant Serratia sp. LCN16 isolated from the plant parasitic nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

Treatment H2O2 (mM) Mortality P-value
Mean S.D.
Ka4 0 mM 0.01 0.00  
Ka4 50 mM 0.99 0.01  
Ka4_LCN16 WT 0.02** 0.00 0.00
Ka4_LCN16 oxyR::int(614) 0.94 0.03 0.06
Ka4_LCN16 kat::int(808) 0.96 0.07 0.49