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Fig. 3

From: CRISPRDetect: A flexible algorithm to define CRISPR arrays

Fig. 3

CRISPRDetect web output. An example of a predicted and automatically refined array from Cronobacter sakazakii ES15, which has 16 repeats, the last of which has degenerated. Options A-I are available for further interactive application of the selected processes to the selected array (Array 2 from this genome, array 1 is hidden). The array is shown in a standard format with substitutions in the repeat sequence shown. Insertions in one a repeat is indicated at the right. The quality score is high 8.87 (>4.0; max 13) and the score would be detailed in the next lines (as in Fig. 2, not shown). A link to CRISPRBank and initial analysis is shown in the top right and indicates that this exact repeat is found in five genomes (Cronobacter species). The annotation file in GFF can be downloaded for visualisation or further analysis (e.g. Fig. 6)

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