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Fig. 3

From: LOGIQA: a database dedicated to long-range genome interactions quality assessment

Fig. 3

Quality scores assessed on 76 HiC and 71 in situ HiC assays evaluated in the context of total sequenced PETs. a Global Quality scores computed for HiC and in situ HiC assays relative to the total PETs. b, c and d Violin plots illustrating the number of total PETs (b), and the fraction of intra-chromosomal (c) and intra-chromosomal (d) filtered PETs. e Violin plots displaying the QC scores for HiC and in situ HiC datasets stratified for identical total PET intervals. The dashed horizontal green line demarcates the median QC score assessed for in situ assays with less than 200 million PETs

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