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Table 3 Differentially methylated gene features between blood and brain

From: Gene and transposable element methylation in great tit (Parus major) brain and blood

Feature Covered 2.5 % Brain hypomethylated FPKM Brain hypermethylated FPKM
TSS 15284 382 50.8/25.15 17.7/4.5
GB 16413 410 90.1/35.8 15.9/2.3
TTS 11573 289 67.7/22.1 30.9/9.3
  1. We used the upper and lower 2.5 % of genes based on fold-change to identify differentially methylated genes with the sum of both average methylation levels > 10 % in order to exclude hypomethylated genes in both tissue types. The fourth (brain hypomethylated) and fifth (brain hypermethylated) column show average and median brain gene expression values expressed as fragments per kilobase of transcript per million mapped fragments (FPKM) for the set of genes with differentially methylated gene features