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Table 3 Functional annotation summary of the pepino sequences over protein databases. First the most expressed transcripts were annotated in Swiss-Prot database. Then, unpaired transcripts in this annotation were evaluated in the next database, ITAG2.4. And finally, the unpaired at this level, were evaluated in the Uniref90 database

From: The first de novo transcriptome of pepino (Solanum muricatum): assembly, comprehensive analysis and comparison with the closely related species S. caripense, potato and tomato

  Number of transcripts % of total
Annotated in Swiss-Prot 26,688 53.7 %
Annotated in ITAG2.4 14,942 30.1 %
Annotated in UniRef90 2263 4.6 %
Total annotated in protein databases 43.893  
TOTAL Annotations 49,662