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Table 4 Candidate genes studied affecting traits of importance in different Solanaceae. Traits and genes affecting inflorescence, fruit stripes, fruit shape, anthocyanins route, chlorogenic acid pathway, saponines pathway, and sucrose accumulation are included. More information the Candidate genes section of Material and Methods and in Additional file 8: Table S1

From: The first de novo transcriptome of pepino (Solanum muricatum): assembly, comprehensive analysis and comparison with the closely related species S. caripense, potato and tomato

Trait Genes Features
Inflorescence Anantha Gene - F-box protein
Compound inflorescence Transcription factor
Fruit stripes Fruit Stripes Transcription factor
Fruit shape FAS Intron-regulatory
Fw2.2 Promoter-regulatory
Fw3 Promoter-regulatory
Tonneau Gene - microtubule cytoskeleton organization
Wuschel (LC) SNP in downstream-regulatory
OVATE Premature stop
POS1 Intron-regulatory
SlCCS52A Receptor activity
Sl-IAA17 Gene
SUN Transposon insertion-regulatory
Wee Gene - Kinase
Anthocyanins pathway F3’5’H Gene - Hydroxylase
Acyltransferase-like Gene - Acyltransferase
5GT Gene - Glucosyltransferase
ANS Gene - Anthocyanidin synthase
DFR Gene - Dihydroflavonol 4-reductase
F3H Gene - Flavanone 3-hydroxylase
CHI Gene - Chalcone isomerase
CHS2 Gene - Chalcone synthase
CHS3 Gene - Chalcone synthase
CHS1 Gene - Chalcone synthase
Acyltransferase-like Gene - Acyltransferase
Chlorogenic acid pathway 4CL Gene - 4-Coumarate-CoA ligase
C3H Cytochrome P450
HTC Gene - Transferase
HQT Gene - Transferase
Saponines pathway Egp#1–1 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
Egp#1–4 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
Ptt#1–53 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
Ptt21 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
Sgt1-1 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
Ptt#5–30 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
Sa#6–15 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
Sk#7–4 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
Sk#7–4 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
Sk#7–5 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
SaGT4A Gene - Glycosyltransferase
SaGT4R Gene - Glycosyltransferase
SaGT6 Gene - Glycosyltransferase
Sucrose accumulator TIV1 Gene - Acid invertase