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Table 7 Apple down-regulated pathways by infection with P. expansum

From: Fungal and host transcriptome analysis of pH-regulated genes during colonization of apple fruits by Penicillium expansum

Pathway name p value (adjusted)
Glycogen biosynthesis I (from ADP-D-Glucose) 9.064E-08
Starch biosynthesis 6.194E-07
C4 Photosynthetic carbon assimilation cycle 0.0002403
UDP-galactose biosynthesis (salvage pathway from galactose using UDP-glucose) 0.0008945
Lipoate biosynthesis and incorporation I 0.0019429
Methylerythritol phosphate pathway 0.0031538
Acyl carrier protein metabolism 0.0034133
Trans-lycopene biosynthesis 0.0059809
Fatty acid biosynthesis initiation I 0.0070497
Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate biosynthesis 0.0087438
Superpathway of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate biosynthesis and salvage 0.0132283
Xylitol degradation 0.0161255
Starch degradation 0.0173149
Heme biosynthesis I 0.0178181
Heme biosynthesis from uroporphyrinogen I 0.0195451
Colanic acid building blocks biosynthesis 0.0199615
Xylose degradation I 0.0284483
Sucrose biosynthesis 0.0303525
5-Aminoimidazole ribonucleotide biosynthesis II 0.0332884
Biotin-carboxyl carrier protein 0.0357646
Methanol oxidation to formaldehyde 0.0437164
  1. The analysis was performed with MetGenMap