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Fig. 6

From: Improvements to the HITS-CLIP protocol eliminate widespread mispriming artifacts

Fig. 6

A nested RT primer and protected reverse PCR primer produce high confidence AGO HITS-CLIP peaks and increase sensitivity of interaction detection. Percentage of peaks containing the reverse complement of the 6 bp miRNA seed site for at least one the 10 most highly expressed miRNAs in that sample (measured in the same CLIP experiment). The use of a nested RT primer and protected PCR primer (Blue; n = 3) results in a significant, 30 % increase in the percentage of peaks, with a top-10 miRNA seed site relative to the original protocol (emerald; n = 6), while the use of a nested RT primer alone (vermillion; n = 3) produces a 16 % increase. *p ≤ 0.05

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