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Table 2 Data set statistics for human ChIP-seq data. For each of the five transcription factors (TFs) CTCF, GABP, NRSF, SRF, and STAT1, we specify the (i) average length of transcription factor binding site (TFBS), the (ii) number of alignments, and the (iii) average length of alignments

From: Detecting and correcting the binding-affinity bias in ChIP-seq data using inter-species information

TF TFBS length Number of alignments Avg. length
CTCF 20 bp 467 213 bp
GABP 12 bp 451 236 bp
NRSF 21 bp 460 245 bp
SRF 12 bp 394 242 bp
STAT1 11 bp 360 244 bp