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Table 1 Definition of allele groups spanning multiple ABO subgroups that cannot be resolved based on exons 6 and 7 and their constituent alleles

From: ABO allele-level frequency estimation based on population-scale genotyping by next generation sequencing

Allele group identifier Allele Blood group Subgroup Germana Caucasiana Frequency StDev
A1.01.01* ABO*A1.01.01 A A1 Common Common 20.286 % 0.243 %
ABO*A1.09.01.1 A A1 Undefined Undefined
ABO*Ael.04.01.1 A Ael Unknown Unknown
ABO*Aw.13.01.1 A Aw Unknown Present
ABO*Aw.15.01.1 A Aw Unknown Unknown
ABO*Aw.29.01.1 A Aw Unknown Present
ABO*Ax.15.01.1 A Ax Unknown Unknown
O.02.01* ABO*O.02.01 O O2 Many Many 18.479 % 0.222 %
ABO*O.02.17.1 O O2 Undefined Undefined
ABO*O.67.01 O O67 Undefined Undefined
B1.01.01* ABO*B1.01.01 B B1 Common Common 8.420 % 0.113 %
ABO* B Bw Undefined Undefined
A2.01.01* ABO*A2.01.01 A A2 Common Common 6.588 % 0.088 %
ABO*A2.01.02.1 A A2 Common Common
ABO*A2.16.01.1 A A2 Unknown Unknown
ABO*Aw.09.01.1 A Aw Unknown Unknown
ABO*Aw.16.01.1 A Aw Unknown Unknown
ABO*Aw.17.01.1 A Aw Unknown Present
ABO*Aw.22.01.1 A Aw Unknown Unknown
ABO*Aw.27.01.1 A Aw Unknown Unknown
O.02.15* ABO*O.02.15.1 O O2 Undefined Undefined 1.610 % 0.032 %
ABO*O.02.18.1 O O2 Undefined Undefined
O.02.02* ABO*O.02.02 O O2 Unknown Unknown 0.137 % 0.008 %
ABO*O.02.20.1 O O2 Undefined Undefined
ABO*O.54.01.1 O O54 Undefined Undefined
A2.12.01* ABO*A2.09.01.1 A A2 Unknown Unknown 0.043 % 0.004 %
ABO*A2.12.01.1 A A2 Unknown Unknown
ABO*Aw.26.01.1 A Aw Unknown Unknown
O.01.11* ABO*O.01.11.1 O O1 Undefined Undefined 0.014 % 0.003 %
ABO*O.06.01.1 O O6 Unknown Rare
O.02.07* ABO*O.02.07.1 O O2 Undefined Undefined 0.008 % 0.002 %
ABO*O.40.01.1 O O40 Undefined Undefined
  1. aAllele frequency classifications after [15]
  2. *Allele groups as defined here are marked by an asterisk throughout the text