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Fig. 4

From: RNA-Seq following PCR-based sorting reveals rare cell transcriptional signatures

Fig. 4

Transcriptome analysis of PACS-sorted cells. a Hierarchical clustering of the 4461 genes differentially expressed (DE) between VIM + −sorted droplets and the Raji:PC3 (10:1) starting heterogeneous population. 1,126 and 1,130 VIM+ sorted cells were sequenced from the two replicate experiments. The expression of the same 4461 genes in the pure lymphocyte (Raji) and prostate cancer cell (PC3) populations are shown for comparison. The genes in red were independently verified as being differentially expressed in PC3 cells. The heat map represents Z-scores of log2 counts per million (b) Venn diagram showing the number of DE genes in common between prostate cancer PC3 cells and VIM + −sorted material when each is independently compared to the lymphocyte Raji cell line. Of the 4686 DE genes in VIM + −sorted material, and 4627 DE genes in PC3 cells, 3629 (77 % and 78 %, respectively) are in common

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