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Table 2 Colony phenotypes after retrieval from race tubes

From: Host-induced aneuploidy and phenotypic diversification in the Sudden Oak Death pathogen Phytophthora ramorum

isolate replica #1 replica #2 replica #3
Pr-1556 (wt, bay) wt/wt wt/wt wt/wt
Pr-1557 (wt, bay) wt/wt wt/wt wt/wt
ND886 (wt, camellia) wt/wt wt/wt wt/wt
Pr-1556#7 (wt, bay- > oak) wt/wt wt/nwt wt/nwt
Pr-1556#24 (wt, bay- > oak) senes./senes. senes./senes. nwt/nwt
Pr-1557#2 (wt, bay- > oak) wt/wt wt/wt wt/wt
Pr-1557#6 (wt, bay- > oak) senes./senes. nwt/senes. senes./senes.
  1. For each race tube replicate, two pieces of mycelial plugs were retrieved and colony phenotypes; wt, nwt or early senescence (senes.), were scored