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Table 2 Genotypes for a missense mutation in TUBD1 in 661 adult Braunvieh cattle

From: A missense mutation in TUBD1 is associated with high juvenile mortality in Braunvieh and Fleckvieh cattle

BH2 haplotype status N Genotype at rs383232842
Non-carrier 221 220 1 -
Carrier 440 4 436 -
  1. Genotypes for the rs383232842 polymorphism were obtained in 661 Braunvieh animals using KASP genotyping assays. The haplotype status (non-carrier, carrier) of the animals was determined using phased genotypes obtained with the Illumina BovineSNP50 array. Note that the genotyped animals are not representative for the entire Braunvieh population because we preferentially selected heterozygous BH2 haplotype carriers for genotyping